Summer Leather Line

In May, I (Jess) was blessed to be able to make the trip to visit an amazing leather working company to learn more about color, weight and finish options on a dream line of leather products for you guys! We have so much still in the works, but we are excited to introduce this collection of beautiful, bright, rich hues in premium pebbled leather. I spent about 5 hours choosing colors, trying out various combinations and "clicking" out different designs and styles with the help of the incredible, Liz. Here she is helping me pull a color I saw peeking out and labeling it for Sacred Arrow. 

I was allowed to visit their shop, see their staff in action, and dig through their incredible stock room! I probably chose over 15 colors initially, but Callie and I (with input from the amazing Sacred Arrow team) narrowed it down the colors we knew you would love and would be perfectly complimentary to our style and the season's trends. This picture is pretty blurry, because I couldn't stop moving long enough to snag a clear one! I was overwhelmed in the best possible way.


We started the incredibly fun (and a bit daunting) task of determining colors, quantities, fasteners, shapes and styles, and the order was underway! What we will have coming to you guys now truly was and is a labor of love, and we sincerely hope you love them as much as we do!




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